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G7 + 1
2020 / Multi-channel video installation, 5'20, looped

G7 + 1 explores the theme of language, specifically how context affects our perception of public discourse. Drawing on the theme of climate change, where action and discourse are often strikingly disjointed, this piece displaces public discourse by setting it in a private context such as a dinner table. As the 8th guest at the table, the spectator is invited to join a fictionalised conversation between public figures about climate change. This satyrical dinner, where public figures take the form of bulky out of place television sets and food consumption is only heard but not experienced, offers a testimony to the incompatibility of public discourse and private action.

Made in collaboration with Melina Petsolari, Bolim Jeon, Jiajing Zhao

G7+1 (installation teaser)

G7+1 (installation teaser)

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